For more than a decade, we have put every effort into developing best-of-breed digital signage software solutions that meet the communication needs of organisations large and small. From one-screen installs to large, geographically distributed digital screen networks our products can support networks of any size, from any location.


This is our on-premise digital signage software and flagship product originally designed for the outdoor advertising market. With an enviable reputation for stability, it has supported the digital signage networks of some of the world’s largest media owners such as Clear Channel and JCDecaux. The software allows its users to automatically target, schedule and distribute content to thousands of interconnected displays all around the world and reduces the time and effort associated with delivering communications to remote locations. Learn more about the product here



This is the ideal tool for managing small to medium-size networks of screens without committing the amount of resources involved by an on-premise solution. A cloud-based digital signage software product, it can be used by any person with little or no IT skills to schedule and send content to their displays straight from a web-browser, from any location in the world. Launched in 2010, the product is the selected solution of colleges, train operating companies, charities and cinemas across the UK. To learn more about digitalsignage.NET, please visit its dedicated website.


Comparison Guide

Features POVng
Deployment Model Web based On-premise
Pricing Model Monthly and yearly subscriptions One-off fee licences
Admin Levels Administrator, Simple user - channel, media and playlist levels Administrator, User, Manager and web user
Scheduling Options Time of the day, day of the week, (at the playlist level), randomisation, carousel, loop length of the playlist. Time of the day, day of the week, (at the playlist level), randomisation, carousel, loop length of the playlist.
Ability to set expiration dates and times for content items Yes (for playlists) Yes (for scenes and campaigns)
Integration with POS data for sales measurement No Yes
Error detection logic (auto-playlist corrected on corrupted file, dark screen)) Yes Yes
Interrupts/Trigger messaging No Yes
Ability to play 720p to 1080p Yes Yes
Compatible with Windows media players and SMIL devices Yes Yes, Windows only
Raster formats JPG JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
Video & Animation formats AV I, MPEG1/2, MPG, MOV (h264), MOV, WMV MPEG1/2, MP4, AVI, MOV, MWV, SWF


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